Google USB-C to DisplayPort supports Daisy-chaining (MST)

A while back I bought an Dell XPS 15 (9550) laptop with Thunderbolt and DisplayPort over USB-C. This whole USB-C with different supported protocols makes the search for the right converters a mess!

Since I use this laptop as a portable workstation I want my setup to require as few cables connected as possible. So daisy-chaining (MST, Multi-Stream Transport) my 2 DisplayPort monitors (Dell U2515H) would be great.

After a long google search, I came up with a couple of possibilities:

Finally I took the gamble and chose the Google USB-C to DisplayPort cable.  When the monitors are set in DP1.2 mode (you have to do this manually in the display menu) the daisy-chaining of multiple monitors works great!

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